The American Welding Society AWS requires the use of uniform standard, and the welding installation of Gao Jie net stainless steel piping system should be used in automatic welding. This is because there are a lot of manual welding defects, such as weld can not avoid the uneven distribution of tube wall roundness and wall thickness of the exquisite degree is obviously insufficient, the impact of online operation efficiency CIP / SIP, the more serious is the pipe is easy to cause the occurrence of microbial exceed the standard phenomenon.

But the track automatic welding can avoid the traditional manual welding all sorts of bad phenomena. This is not only a technical change, because the quality of the welding parts to meet the requirements of automatic welding plays an important role.

Kingstone can provide users with automatic welding parts to meet the requirements of automatic welding. From the Gao Jie net stainless steel piping system, the safety of the persistent pursuit, we have a responsibility to shoulder the burden, to provide customers with the perfect quality welded rail welding parts, to help customers improve the value of.

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